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NEU Shen-Fu Industrial Technology Research Institute Pilot Base Put into Production

编辑: Lei Chang, Yuhui Wang 来源:NEU 更新日期: 2023-02-12

Recently, in the production workshop of NEU Shen-Fu Industrial Technology Research Institute, the first batch of refined steel ingots “came out of the furnace” with red flames, marking the official production of the first phase of NEU Shen-Fu Industrial Technology Research Institute Pilot Base Project, along with the official inauguration of the Liaoning NEU Hydrogen Metallurgy - Zero Carbon Steel Metallurgy Short Process Pilot Base, which is another strategic achievement of Shen-Fu Demonstration Zone to promote university-local cooperation and innovation, deep integration of industry-university-research and collaborative development.

NEU Industrial Technology Research Institute is a new type of R&D institution jointly established by NEU and Shen-Fu Demonstration Zone for scientific and technological research and development, achievement transformation and talent training, with a total investment of 300 million RMB and an office area of 3,900 square meters and a pilot plant of 27,000 square meters. As the first R&D base of zero-carbon steel production process innovation technology, transformation of scientific and technological achievements and training of high-end talents, NEU Hydrogen Metallurgy Pilot Base is recognized by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology as the “Second Batch of Provincial Pilot Base for Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements in 2022”.

Jiang Zhouhua, President of NEU Industrial Technology Research Institute, said that the Institute is aiming at international frontier and national major needs. They are devoting themselves to technology research and development, achievement transformation and engineering application in new materials, hydrogen energy and hydrogen metallurgy, intelligent manufacturing and other fields, which is designed to master the bottleneck technology and materials that restrict the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in China, and contribute to the construction of national major projects and major equipment, as well as cultivate and gather a number of advanced scientific and technological innovation talents to incubate a batch of “specialized, precise, special and new” type enterprises.