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Team “Ocean Heart” of NEU Achieved Satisfactory Results in the 15th International Advanced Robotics and Simulation Technology Competition

编辑: Lei Chang, Yuhui Wang 来源:NEU 更新日期: 2023-01-20

Recently, the 15th International Advanced Robotics and Simulation Technology Competition was held online, with over 1500 teams from more than 400 institutions across China participating.  The “Ocean Heart” innovation team, supervised by Xu Hongli, Ru Jingyu and Wang Shuai from NEU’s School of Robotics and Engineering, won five national first prizes in five groups of the competition, namely, the Water Intelligent Equipment Innovation and Design Group, the Water Surface Trash Removal Group, the Engineering Project Group, the Entrepreneurship Group and the Frontier Technology Challenge Group, creating the best result in the history of our university since we participated in this competition.

It is reported that the International Advanced Robotics and Simulation Technology Competition (formerly known as “International Underwater Robotics Competition”) is an international robotics event organized by the China Simulation Federation, which was launched in 2008. As a platform integrating academics, teaching, scientific research and industry, the competition has been serving as a link for the collaborative development of the five-in-one industry-academia-research-application-competition of robotics and artificial intelligence-related majors, and has gradually become an important stage for countries worldwide to show their achievements in robotics R&D, production and application, building a bridge of friendship for mutual learning and exchange. Since 2019, the event has been selected for three consecutive years in the list of “National Robotics Competition Index for University Students in General Universities” by the China Association of Higher Education, and was also a five-star competition recognized in the NEU Student Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Competition Star Classification List.