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Multiple papers from School of Computer Science and Engineering at NEU have been accepted by ACL2024, the Top Conference of Natural Language Processing

更新日期: 2024-06-03

Recently, the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) announced the acceptance of papers for ACL 2024. Nine papers from School of Computer Science and Engineering at NEU, with NEU as the first unit, were accepted into ACL 2024.

A total of four papers were accepted by the ACL main meeting, including “STICKERCONV: Generating Multimodal Empathetic Responses from Scratch” by Yiqun Zhang, Fanheng Kong, Peidong Wang, Shuang Sun, Lingshuai Wang, Shi Feng, Daling Wang, Yifei Zhang, and Kaisong Song; “EIT: Enhanced Interactive Transformer” by Tong Zheng, Bei Li, Huiwen Bao, Tong Xiao, and Jingbo Zhu; "Cleaner Pretraining Corpus Curation with Neural Web Scraping” by Zhipeng Xu, Zhenghao Liu, Yukun Yan, Zhiyuan Liu, Ge Yu, Chenyan Xiong; “MARVEL: Unlocking the Multi-Modal Capability of Dense Retrieval via Visual Module Plugin” by Tianshuo Zhou,Sen Mei,Xinze Li,Zhenghao Liu,Chenyan Xiong,Zhiyuan Liu,Yu Gu,and Ge Yu. A total of five papers were accepted by “Findings of ACL”, including “INTERVENOR: Prompting the Coding Ability of Large Language Models with the Interactive Chain of Repair” by Hanbin Wang, Zhenghao Liu, Shuo Wang, Ganqu Cui, Ning Ding, Zhiyuan Liu, and Ge Yu; “PartialFormer: Modeling Part Instead of Whole for Machine Translation” by Tong Zheng, Bei Li, Huiwen Bao, Jiale Wang, Weiqiao Shan, Tong Xiao, and Jingbo Zhu; “Teaching Language Models to Self-Improve by Learning from Language Feedback” by Chi Hu, Yimin Hu, Hang Cao, Tong Xiao, and Jingbo Zhu; “Hybrid Alignment Training for Large Language Models” by Chenglong Wang, Hang Zhou, Kaiyan Chang, Bei Li, Yongyu Mu, Tong Xiao, and Jingbo Zhu; “Exploiting Target Language Data for Neural Machine Translation Beyond Back Translation” by Abdurixit Rehman, Yingfeng Luo, Junhao Ruan, Chunliang Zhang, Anxiang Ma, Tong Xiao, and Jingbo Zhu. The achievement of the above research results signifies that the School of Computer Science and Engineering at NEU has made significant progress in the field of natural language processing and artificial intelligence, which effectively enhances the academic influence and contribution of the School in related fields.

It is reported that Annual Meeting of ACL is the top international academic conference in the field of computational linguistics and natural language processing, organized by the Association for Computational Linguistics, which is held once a year, and is listed as a Class A conference in the list of recommended conferences of the China Computer Federation (CCF). The 62nd conference will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from August 11 to August 16, 2024.