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Forty-five dissertations of the NEU were awarded the title of Outstanding Doctoral and Master's Dissertation in Liaoning Province in 2023

编辑: 张蕾 更新日期: 2024-04-24

On April 8, the Educational Department of Liaoning Province announced the results of selecting outstanding doctoral and master's dissertations in Liaoning Province in 2023. The NEU’s a total of 45 dissertations including 12 doctoral dissertations such as Design and Research of Flexible Gas Sensing Devices Based on Nano-gas Sensing Materials and 33 master's dissertations such as Predictive Control for Sliding Mode of Several Nonlinear Systems, were awarded the title of Outstanding Doctoral and Master's Dissertations in Liaoning Province in 2023.

The quality of dissertations is an important symbol of the training level of high-level talents in universities and an important indicator of the construction of first-class universities. Guided by "cultivating students by virtue, serving the needs, improving quality and pursuing excellence", the university continuously optimizes the quality supervision and guarantee system for postgraduate training, strengthens the whole process management of dissertations, cultivates and inspires the innovative spirit of postgraduate students, and continuously improves the level of postgraduate dissertations and the quality of awarded degrees.