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Young teachers from College of Information Science and Engineering, NEU won the 1st Place Best Paper for IEEE Transactions

编辑: 张蕾 更新日期: 2024-04-10

Recently, the IEEE Consumer Technology Society announced the 2022-2023 IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics Chester Sall Memorial Award, i.e. the Best Paper Award for IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics. The paper titled of Accurate Current Sharing and Voltage Regulation in Hybrid Wind/Solar Systems: An Adaptive Dynamic Programming Approach, coauthored by the young teacher, Rui Wang (the first author), Professor Dazhong Ma (joint corresponding author) from the College of Information Science and Engineering, NEU, Professor Mingjia Li, Professor Qiuye Sun (joint corresponding author) and Professor Huaguang Zhang from Beijing Institute of Technology, and Professor Peng Wang from Nanyang Technological University, won the 1st Place Best Paper for IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics.

The traditional hybrid wind/solar system mainly focuses on the minute-level optimal scheduling problem. In this paper, the optimal control algorithm of nanosecond-level energy balance was proposed for the first time, and the wind-solar topological homeomorphism was discovered. The real-time energy balance problem was transferred into the problem for solving HJB equation, and the adaptive dynamic programming approach was designed to realize the efficient consumption on the spot of new energy such as wind and solar in the microgrid. This research was supported by the Transformative Project for the National Key Research and Development Plan (2018YFA0702200).

It is reported that IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, founded in 1952, is an authoritative journal with important influence in the fields of consumer electronics and electric power energy. The journal selects one paper for 1st Place Best Paper every year. This prize won by us marks that our school’s electrical discipline made important progress in this field.