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Professor Wang Xingwei's Team Approved to Undertake a National Key R&D Project of 2022

编辑: Lei Chang, Yuhui Wang 来源:NEU 更新日期: 2022-11-28

Recently, the team of Professor Wang Xingwei from the College of Computer Science and Engineering has been approved to undertake a 14th Five-Year National Key R&D Plan project - Cloud Computing-based Cloud Supervision and Governance System Software (project No: 2022YFB4500800). NEU is the leading unit of the project, and Professor Wang Xingwei is the project leader. This project is one of the first Advanced Computing and Emerging Software projects under the National Key R&D Plan. The project execution period is three years, with a total funding of 68.5 million yuan.

Addressing critical national needs, the project aims to establish cloud supervision and governance in a cloud computing environment with full-time, full-domain, highly reliable privacy protection. It will propose a horizontal, cross-domain and multi-party consultation mechanism for multi-scale cloud resources. Efforts will be made to break through multi-objective storage task allocation and resource parallel scheduling methods under resource rights-confirming circulation, develop a trustworthy supervision and governance system of large-scale cross-domain resource collaboration and interaction, develop cloud supervision and governance system software, and provide basic methods and key technologies for cloud computing-based cloud supervision and governance. In the digital economy industry represented by the collaborative innovation system of the national integrated big data center, typical demonstration applications will be formed for the public cloud service featuring east-to-west computing resource transfer, smart government data sharing and co-governance, cross-domain video cloud and other scenarios. Cloud computing will cover more than 10 cloud service bodies and manage no less than 100,000 computing nodes with a comprehensive computing power of 1Eflops. It supports PB-level cloud storage resource collaboration.