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A Paper by Prof. Wei Ying’s Team from NEU Was Collected by CVPR

编辑: Lei Chang, Yuhuii Wang 来源:NEU 更新日期: 2023-03-15

Recently, the research titled CAT: Localization and Identification Cascade Detection Transformer for Open-World Object Detection by Prof. Wei Ying from the College of Information Science and Engineering as the corresponding author, a bachlor-straight-to-doctorate student, Ma Shuailei of 2022 and master student Wang Yuefeng of 2021 from the same college as the first corresponding authors has been collected by the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2023 (CVPR 2023).

CVPR is a top-level conference in the field of computer vision (Class CCF A). It attracts a great number of papers submitted by top scientific researchers from all over the world every year, and the papers its collects guide the future research direction in the field of computer vision. According to the latest statistics by the authoritative Google Scholar Citation, the H5 index of CVPR is 389. For this, it ranks fourth among all publications in the world, first among engineering and computer publications, and first in the field of pan-artificial intelligence.

This paper is oriented to the target detection of unknown objects in an open scene. According to the reaction mechanism of human, when facing a new scene, people would subconsciously focus on all foreground objects first and then carefully identify each object, instead of simultaneously locating and identifying individual objects. The paper innovatively proposes a cascade detection transformer structure of positioning and identification and an adaptive pseudo-tag selection mechanism. It has alleviated the influence of unknown objects on detection of known objects and significantly improved the ability to explore unknown objects. The experiment results show that this method is superior to other mainstream methods in open world object detection, incremental object detection and open-set detection.

Prof. Wei Ying has been engaging in image processing and computer vision, as well as medical image computing and analysis for a long time. As the project leader, Prof. Wei Ying has presided over more than 20 projects including NSFC projects, provincial and ministerial key projects, and enterprise-public institution cooperation projects. She has published more than 70 papers in important academic journals and at international conferences at home and abroad. Not only that, she has won more than 20 honors or awards, including first prize and second prize for “Natural Academic Achievements of Liaoning Province”, “Jianghe Teaching Fund” of NEU, “Outstanding Instructors in Student Science and Technology Competition” of NEU, and “Good Supervisors in the Eyes of Graduate Students” of NEU. As for titles, she is the vice-president of Liaoning Association for Artificial Intelligence and a standing member of the Intelligent Medical Committee of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence.