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NEU achieved good results in the 2024 “Xingqi Ophthalmology Cup” Patent Award Campus Competition in Shenyang

编辑: 张蕾 更新日期: 2024-05-10

On the afternoon of April 26, the award ceremony of the 2024 “Xingqi Ophthalmology Cup” Patent Award Campus Competition in Shenyang was held in the road show hall on the first floor of Tongfang Square, Heping District. NEU won 1 special prize and 2 first prizes in the competition, and won 2 second prizes and 6 third prizes, accounting for 64.7% of the total number of awards in the competition.

The competition was guided by Shenyang Market Supervision Administration, co-sponsored by Heping District Market Supervision Administration and NEU, and undertaken by Shenyang Shengzhihui Intellectual Property Operation Management Co., Ltd. (Shenyang Digital Industry Intellectual Property Operation Center), aiming to deepen the development of the cause of Shenyang's intellectual property, stimulate the innovative vitality of university talents and enhance the awareness of the whole society on intellectual property protection.

It is reported that NEU attaches great importance to the important value of patent achievements in students' innovation and entrepreneurship practice, and advocates innovation-led entrepreneurial practice. In 2018, the university launched the first patent competition of NEU throughout the campus. It was held for six consecutive sessions, achieving remarkable results. Dozens of patent works have been promoted and incubated successively. The Shenyang 2024 “Xingqi Ophthalmology Cup” Patent Award Campus Competition is a transformation and upgrading of the NEU Patent Competition. The competition provided a broad platform for students who are committed to technological innovation and the transformation of patent achievements, and demonstrated the students' innovative ability and practical spirit. It also fully reflected the remarkable achievements of Shenyang City and NEU in intellectual property education and innovative talent training.