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NEU’s students won the silver award in the "Zhongchuang Cup" National Innovative Engineering Competition.

编辑: 张蕾 更新日期: 2024-03-29

Recently, the final of the "Zhongchuang Cup" National Innovative Engineering Competition ended in the School of Software, Shandong University. NEU won 2 first prizes, 5 second prizes and 9 third prizes. Among them, under the guidance of Cuilan Zhu, a teacher from the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the work "A bionic innovative water dispenser" co-created by Shengbo Wang, Zirui Tang, Xinjie Huang, Xinyi He and Hongyun Xue, won the silver award in the gold, silver and bronze award competition in the national final. The total number of awards won by the NEU ranked first among universities in China.

With the theme of "Innovators are excellent, innovators win", this competition was hosted by China Creative Studies Institute (CCSI), jointly hosted by the Innovative Engineering Branch of CCSI and Shandong University, aiming at promoting the construction of innovative engineering, cultivating innovative engineering talents and building an innovation exchange platform by uniting innovative forces from universities, enterprises, industries and other sectors. The competition includes three groups: students, teachers and enterprises. Among them, for the student group, the Organizing Committee of the Completion put forward the same topic for students. Students from all schools can form the teams to join the competition, by taking their creative proposals for new product forms, new concepts, new functions, new technologies, new processes, new intelligent experiences and new interactions related to three scenarios: kitchen meal preparation + cooking + tableware cleaning and care, care of bath appliances in bathroom and drinking water for the whole house. Since its launch, the competition has attracted more than 400 teams from universities across China to sign up for the competition. In mid-November, the expert review group conducted online evaluation, and awarded 17 first prizes, 37 second prizes and 64 third prizes. Thereinto, 17 works winning national first prize, were shortlisted in the final. The problems were solved on the spot, and the design scheme was completed within 3 days. Finally, 1 gold award, 2 silver awards and 3 bronze awards were selected.

In the final, the NEU’s two teams shortlisted carried forward the spirit of teamwork, creatively solved problems and accurately solved problems, fully demonstrating the innovative ability and level of NEU’s students. The completion was broadcast live in the whole process, which built a good communication platform for the participants to learn from each other, let students know about the innovative achievements and methods in different fields, and inspire more innovative inspiration.