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NEU Achieved Great Results in the 6th Liaoning Provincial Molding Technology Creative Design Competition

编辑: 张蕾 来源:NEU 更新日期: 2023-10-19

Recently, the finals of the 6th Liaoning Provincial College Student Material Forming Technology Creativity Competition were successfully held on an online platform. After undergoing a rigorous process that involved in-school selections, provincial preliminary evaluations, final defenses, and expert reviews, a grand total of 16 student teams from the School of Materials Science and Engineering emerged as winners. These teams were awarded 3 special prizes, 3 first prizes, 5 second prizes, 2 third prizes, and 3 excellence awards. The work titled "Structural Design and Process Optimization of Power Battery Pack Based on CTP Moduleless Cell Integration Technology" completed by Dong Kechen, Gao Jie, and Li Jialin from the School of Materials Science and Technology, the work titled "New Foam Aluminum 'Honeycomb Shape' Special Battery Pack" completed by Wang Chuanjia, Cao Shanji, and Liu Qisheng, and the work titled "Foam Aluminum Temperature Control Composite Coating Battery Pack" completed by He Fangrun, Gu Longjie, and Yang Quanling have been awarded the special prize. NEU obtained the Outstanding Organization Award, while Dong Lei and Wang Jian from the School of Materials Science were recognized as Advanced Individuals in Organizational Work. Additionally, Gao Fei, Cai Minghui, and Liu Lizhong were honored as Outstanding Instructors.

The 6th Liaoning Provincial College and Universities Undergraduate Material Forming Technology Creativity Competition is supported by the Liaoning Provincial Department of Education and the Department of Finance, according to reports. This competition is specifically designed to address the demands of the current era of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation". It centers around the topic of "battery pack structure and preparation process design for pure electric passenger vehicles". The goal is to provide a platform for students to demonstrate their innovative skills, practical abilities, and overall capabilities. The objective is to foster students' creativity and collaborative skills, while also improving their practical engineering abilities and competitiveness in the job market.