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NEU 11 Achievements Won the 2023 China Metallurgical Science and Technology Award

编辑: 张蕾 来源:NEU 更新日期: 2023-10-10

Recently, the results of the China Metallurgical Science and Technology Award were released. NEU has won 11 awards, including 4 first prizes, 6 second prizes, and 1 third prize.

The project of "Research and Application of High Precision Cold Rolling Digital Twin Model and CPS Key Technologies" led by Professor Li Xu and others from NEU, the project of "Research and Application of Low-Carbon and Efficient Mining Technology for Xingshan Iron Mine" led by Professor Ding Hangxing and others, and the project of "Multi-Process Collaborative Optimization and System Energy Efficiency Improvement Technology for Steel Process" participated by our school, the project "Research and Application of Key Technologies for Intelligent and Safe Mining in the Whole Process of Large Metal Open-Pit Mines" won the first prize in metallurgical science and technology. The creative contributions made by the above project achievements in research, development, and application in the metallurgical industry are highly recognized by industry experts.

It is reported that the China Metallurgical Science and Technology Award was jointly initiated and established by the China Iron and Steel Association and the Chinese Society for Metals, aiming to promote technological progress and innovation in the metallurgical industry. It is the highest science and technology award in the Chinese metallurgical industry. The award is reviewed and awarded once a year, divided into seven review groups including geological and mining, iron-smelting, steelmaking, rolling, materials, metallurgical equipment construction and automation, and management and environmental engineering. The 2023 China Metallurgical Science and Technology Award has awarded a total of 106 awards, including 1 special prize, 22 first prizes, 29 second prizes, and 54 third prizes.

Project Introduction:

The project "Research and Application of High Precision Cold Rolling Digital Twin Model and CPS Key Technologies" has gone through more than 20 years and independently developed a high-precision cold rolling mathematical model control system, breaking foreign technological monopolies and achieving the first domestically produced set of industrial software in this field. In response to the industry's key common problem of poor quality stability in the non-stationary manufacturing process of high-end cold rolling products, relying on new generation information technologies such as industrial data and machine learning, a dynamic digital twin model and high fidelity information physics system for cold rolling have been established, achieving rapid adaptation and precise control of non-stationary, asymmetric and other uncertainty problems, greatly improving the accuracy of plate and strip steel size control and rolling process stability, Industrial brains have been installed for the cold rolling production process, effectively promoting the digital transformation of this industry. At the same time, it has enhanced the independent and controllable ability and innovative development ability of high-end material research and development, supporting the high-quality development of downstream industries.

The project "Research and Application of Low-Carbon and Efficient Mining Technology for Xingshan Iron Mine" has constructed a low-carbon and efficient mining model, developed a process technology for fine induced caving to reduce preliminary mining coefficient, proposed and implemented the oblique slicing caving mining method, proposed a comprehensive optimization method for blasting parameters based on the conditions of obtaining loose body expansion space, and developed a sprayed anchor net support technology based on protecting the compaction layer and supporting time, improving the mining efficiency of Xingshan Iron Mine by more than 20% and reducing carbon emissions by 2386.33tCO2 eq/a, which is equivalent to creating over 1000 acres of ecological forest annually. This project overcame the difficulty of the traditional segmented caving method, where the residual amount in the lower wall increases sharply with the increase of mining site structural parameters. It has been successfully promoted and applied in more than 10 mining enterprises in the Anshan-Benxi Area, Shougang Group, Baowu Group, CICC Group, and other areas, promoting the industry's technological progress of low-carbon and efficient caving method mining.