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The Faculty Team of NEU’s Physical Education Department Made Progress in the Field of Intelligent Sports Training Monitoring

编辑: Lei Chang, Yuhui Wang 来源:NEU 更新日期: 2023-06-26

Recently, the paper of associate professor Mao Yupeng’s research group, titled Multi-Functional Triboelectric Nanogenerators on Printed Circuit Board for Metaverse Sport Interactive System, was published in the internationally renowned journal Nano Energy (Q1, CAS, Impact Factor 19.069). NEU is the first unit and corresponding unit, postgraduate student Zhu Yongsheng is the first author, and associate professor Mao Yupeng is the corresponding author of the paper.

In this study, the triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) technology was combined with anaerobic power meter for the first time to develop a self-powered anaerobic power meter for sport training and metaverse terminal sport interaction. The anaerobic power meter can be applied to sports training. Combined with the Wingate anaerobic power test method, it can measure anaerobic power for athletes, including the indicators of peak power, average power, and fatigue index. In training, athletes can use machine learning to analyze training data and evaluate their anaerobic capacity. As the test platform is combined with Internet technology, training and material selection process can be conducted remotely by multiple people (see Figure 2).

Figure 2 Athletic ability monitoring analysis and material selection evaluation

The research group also proposed the possibility for metaverse sport interactive training. Exercisers can not only monitor the speed and power of their riding during training, but also control the game terminal to enjoy immersive fitness. Different exercisers can carry on training online in different places at the same time, and the training status of the exercisers can be reflected by the training status of virtual characters. This study provides a kind of sport terminals featured the concept of metaverse for sport training and mass fitness (see Figure 3).

Figure 3 Interactive terminals featured the concept of metaverse for sport training

The research group has successfully developed a multi-functional sport interactive system that can test anaerobic power and physical condition of athletes and realize human-computer interaction. This multi-functional sport interactive system, combining sport training with triboelectric nanogenerators, has expanded the application of triboelectric nanogenerators and thus provides a new direction for the development of metaverse. This research has undoubtedly facilitated the application process of competitive sports training monitoring, nationwide fitness big data and intelligent venues.

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