The 7th Symposium on Frontier and Progress of Quantum Physics in Northeast China and Inner Mongolia held

作者: 编辑:Lei Chang, Yuhui Wang来源:NEU更新日期:2021-11-05浏览次数:10

From October 15th to 17th, the 7th Symposium on Frontier and Progress of Quantum Physics in Northeast China and Inner Mongolia was held at the International Exchange Center of NEU. This Symposium is sponsored by Liaoning Physics Society and organized by the Physics Department of NEU. It aims to serve as an academic platform for experts and scholars in the field of quantum physics in Northeast China and Inner Mongolia to have exchanges of ideas, display the latest research progress and achievements, help physicists jointly discuss the future research direction and frontier issues in this field, and promote communication and cooperation among units. The Symposium was held both online and offline.

Professor Gong Weijiang, Dean of Physics Department of NEU, presided over the opening ceremony of the Symposium. Professor Du An, Chairman of Liaoning Physical Society and a professor of NEU, delivered an opening speech to introduce the current development situation of the physics discipline, quantum materials and quantum computing of NEU. Wang Zong, a researcher of Advanced Research Institute of Tsinghua University; Xu Yong, a researcher of Cross-Information Research Institute of Tsinghua University’ Yang Bing, a researcher of Southern University of Science and Technology; and Su Shilei, a professor of Zhengzhou University; and other specially invited experts and scholars delivered their reports on the Symposium.

More than 100 experts, scholars and graduate students from universities in Northeast China and Inner Mongolia attended the Symposium. The Symposium was not only actively attended by more than 20 brother universities including Harbin Institute of Technology, Jilin University, Dalian University of Technology, Northeast Normal University and Yanbian University, but also strongly supported by universities in other regions of China. 23 experts were invited to give special reports at the Symposium. Experts had in-depth discussions and exchanges on the frontier and hot issues of quantum physics at home and abroad, including non-Hermite quantum system, quantum simulation of ultra-cold atoms, and non-adiabatic acyclic geometric quantum computation, which played a positive role in promoting the research and development of quantum physics in this region.

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