President Zhao Met with Counsellor of the American Embassy in Beijing

作者:编辑:来源:Northeastern University, NEU更新日期:2018-11-20浏览次数:10

Frank Whitaker, culturalcounsellor of the American Embassy in Beijing, and Daniel Phelps, culturalcounsellor of Consulate General of the United States, Shenyang, visitedNortheastern University (NEU) on Nov. 16th.

NEU President JiZhao met with the guests in Han Qing Assembly Hall. He introduced the basicsituation of Northeastern University briefly, and hoped to interact andcommunicate with American colleges and universities more closely with thesupport of American embassies and consulates in the future. Frank Whitaker indicatedthat, he look forward the exchange and cooperation between the two countries inthe field of education could be sustained and healthy.

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