Lixin Tang Met With the Delegation of Tomskaya Oblast, Russia.

作者:Wang Yuhui编辑:来源:Northeastern University更新日期:2018-10-30浏览次数:11

On the afternoon of October 25th, the delegation of Russian Tomskaya Oblast headed by  Mr. Volkov Maxim, Deputy Director of the Office of International and Domestic Relations of the Tomskaya Oblast Government, paid a visit to Northeastern University.

Lixin Tang, Vice-President of Northeastern University,met with the visitors in Room 203 at Hanqing Hall.

The delegation respectively introduced the situation of higher education in Tomskaya Oblast and the school characteristics of National Research Tomsk State University,Tomsk State Pedagogical University and Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio-electronics.Volkov Maxim said Tomskaya Oblast attaches great importance to educational cooperation with China. The main purpose of this visit is to learn more about Northeastern University and explore more opportunities for cooperation, hoping that the two sides will cooperate in relevant disciplines.

Lixin Tang introduced the basic situation of Northeast University, the characteristics of discipline construction and the international exchange and cooperation of the university.He said that the school pays much attention to the scientific and cultural exchanges and cooperation with the universities in Tomskaya Oblast, hoping that the cooperation can be carried out in the fields of mathematics, biology, chemistry to discuss cooperation projects such as inter-school exchanges, teacher exchanges and student exchanges.

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