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Vice President of North Carolina State University Visited Northeastern University

Written by:Guanghong Zhang    Edited by:   Lei Zhang  Resource:Northeastern University, NEU    Update:  2018-07-12  

Bailian Li, vicepresident of North Carolina State University (NCSU) came to visit NortheasternUniversity (NEU) on Jul. 4th, and gave a speech in Han Qing AssemblyHall.

Bailian Liintroduced the location, scale and characteristics of North Carolina StateUniversity. He indicated that NCSU is a public research university founded in1887, which attaches great importance to the transformation of scientificresearch achievements, and has made important contributions to the economic andsocial development of North Carolina.

NEU vice presidentLixin Tang met with Bailian Li in International Academic Exchange Center. Thetwo sides exchange views about strengthen the cooperation in the fields of bigdata and Computer Science.