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Prof. Ke Lu delivered the inaugural speech for the Jin Shuliang Lecture Series

Written by:WangCong SunYuxin    Edited by:   WangYuhui  Resource:NortheasternUniversity    Update:  2018-06-04  

On May 24th, Prof. Ke Lu, Director of the Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science, delivered the inaugural speech for the "Jin Shuliang Lecture Series". This talk is also one of the Keynote presentations to celebrate the 95th anniversary for Northeastern University. This event was hosted by NEU president Prof. Ji Zhao. More than 400 faculty members and students from the School of Metallurgy, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Rolling and Automation Key Laboratory, School of Sciences and School of Mechanical Engineering attended this speech.

In the talk named as Stability of Nanostructures in Metals, Prof. Lu shared his insights in overcoming the trade-off of materials properties by the novel strategies developed by his research team over the past two decades. He elaborated on the nano-twinning approach to block dislocation motion and to accommodate motion of dislocations or grain boundaries. Through utilizing interfacial segregation method, thermal and mechanical stability can be significantly enhanced for a typical Ni-Mo alloy. Employing the gradient nanostructure enables suppression of strain localization and elimination of debonding. Finally, he made a case in grain boundary relaxation via a critical control of grain size, below which thermal stability can be improved. Upon the Q&A session, Prof. Lu interacted with attendees and dwelled on his philosophy in research topic selection, and the know-hows for successful implementation of specific research project.

Prof. Ke Lu is a renowned materials scientist. He received his bachelor's degree at East China Institute of Technology. In January 1990 he received a doctor's degree at the Institute of Metals Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and became a full professor there 3 years later. In 1993 he was awarded first class natural science prize of the CAS. In 2003, he was elected the youngest academician of the CAS. He is mainly known for discovery of nano-twinned materials and contributions to the advancement of nanostructured materials. He is a reviewer editor for Science, an elected member of Chinese Academy of Sciences and a foreign member of National Academy of Engineering of the United States. He is also a Fellow of The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.