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Zhao Ji Headed a Delegation to Visit Japan, Britain and Turkey

Written by:WeiChuge WeiJunxia    Edited by:   WangYuhui  Resource:Northeastern University    Update:  2018-05-12  

From April 25th to May 4th, the headmaster Zhao Ji led the delegation to visit Hokkaido University in Japan, the University of Surrey, Cambridge University, University of Warwick, and the Turkish Strait University. During the visit, an intercollegiate cooperation agreement was signed with Hokkaido University and Straits University; a department-level memorandum of cooperation was signed with the Department of Materials Chemistry of the School of Materials and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge; in-depth discussions with University of Surrey, Cambridge University, and Warwick University on cooperation in production, study, and research in universities were conducted. Xu Feng, the Vice President of the University, and related persons in charge of the Science and Technology Department, the Assets and Laboratory Management Office, and the Science and Technology Industry Group accompanied the visit.