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International Symposium on Advanced Rolling Equipment Technology and Green & Intelligent Material Processing Held in Northeastern University

Written by:Guanghong Zhang    Edited by:   Lei Zhang  Resource:NortheasternUniversity,NEU    Update:  2017-12-12  

The 4thInternational Symposium on Advanced Rolling Equipment Technology and Green& Intelligent Material Processing was held in Northeastern University (NEU)from December 7th to December 8th, 2017.

Zhenghuan Hu, Academicianof Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), Qingxue Huang, Academician of CAE and Presidentof Taiyuan University of Technology, Guodong Wang, Academician of CAE, AxelRimnac, ESP headless rolling automation technical expert from Austria PuruiteCompany, as well as NEU President and vice-President, Prof. Ji Zhao and Prof.Lixin Tang, attended the meeting.

With the themeof “Green·Intelligent·Collaborative·Innovative”, the symposium took theopportunity of “Made in China 2025 Strategy” and explore rolling, metallurgy,forging, material and other relevant fields, discussed the advanced technologyin steel and heavy machinery, the frontier and future development of newequipment technology, in order to provide a platform of exchange andcommunication for the experts, scholars, engineering technicians, andpostgraduates, so as to further support the strategic goal of transformingChina from a great nation in equipment manufacturing to a powerful one.