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Professor Wu Chengdong Made an Academic Report at the National Construction Robot Conference

Written by:Fang Zheng    Edited by:   Wang Yuhui  Resource:NortheasternUniversity    Update:  2017-12-08  

From December 1 to 3, the National Construction Robot Technology Conference was held in Suzhou City Convention Center. The conference invited famous experts in the fields of robotics, intelligent building and intelligent manufacturing, as well as enterprise technical experts in the field of construction robotics to attend the conference. Participating experts conducted in-depth exchange of research and application of construction robot technology at home and abroad, and discussed the future development direction of China's construction robot technology.

Prof. Wu Chengdong and Prof. Fang Zheng from the Robotics Institute were invited to attend the conference. Prof. Wu Chengdong delivered a keynote academic report at the conference. Wu Chengdong introduced the domestic and foreign construction robot technology and intelligent construction equipment research progress, and showed the future trends.