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Professor Kim G.Larsen Gave Academic Reports to Graduate Students in Computer Science

Written by:Liang Yuan    Edited by:   Wang Yuhui  Resource:NortheasternUniversity    Update:  2017-11-23  

On November 20th, the academician of the European Academy of Sciences, member of the Danish Academy of Engineering, professor at the University of Aalborg University in Denmark, Kim G. Larsen, was invited by Professor Wang Yi, dean of the School of Computer Science to give a lecture entitled Cyber Academic Systems: Dependability and Optimality for the graduate students of Computer Science.

Professor Kim G. Larsen started from the relationship between information physics system and embedded system, Internet, Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence, introduced the concept of model driven development, emphatically introduced the UPPAAL model verification system and carried out the system demonstration. After the report, Professor Kim G. Larsen gave a patient and detailed answer to the questions raised by the students.

In his concluding remarks, Wang Yi outlined the status quo and development trend of model driven development and fully affirmed its application prospects. Wang Yi encouraged graduate students to actively broaden their international horizons, devote themselves to scientific research.