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Professor Frank Lewis was awarded the 2017 Liaoning Friendship award

Written by:Li Yue    Edited by:   Wang Yanbang   Resource:NortheasternUniversity    Update:  2017-10-09  

September 27th, the award ceremony of the "2017 Liaoning Friendship Award—Liaoning Foreign Experts Honor Award" hosted by the Liaoning Provincial People's Government was held in Liaoning People's Hall, Foreign Director of Joint Laboratory of International Cooperation of Synthetical Automations for Process Industries, Frank Lewis, won the 2017 Liaoning Friendship award.

Frank Lewis is academician of National Academy of Inventors (USA), IEEE Fellow, IFAC Fellow, Professor of Texas University. He has long been engaged in nonlinear dynamic systems, adaptive control, network control and neural networks and other theoretical research, and has achieved a series of original researches with international influence.

In 2005, Frank Lewis became chair professor of Northeastern University. In 2008, Frank Lewis became foreign academic backbone of Northeastern University Integration process control discipline introduced intelligence base. In 2014, he was chosen into The Recruitment Program of Global Experts. Till now, he has worked in Northeastern University for 12 years. Frank Lewis and Academician Chai Tianyou has cooperated on many national and international cooperative projects, such as 973 national basic research program project. On talents Cultivation, Frank Lewis in person took part in the laboratory's teaching reform and the cultivation of postgraduates. Meanwhile, he also made lectures for students in the laboratory on "Fundamental Techniques in Optimization and Control" and other courses. In 2016, Advanced Control and Sensing Laboratory of University of Texas of America and State Key laboratory of Synthetical Automations for Process Industries of Northeastern University successfully applied for Joint Laboratory of International Cooperation, Frank Lewis took up the position of foreign director.