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Sun Lei visited Italy and France with the delegation

Written by:Gong Siyao    Edited by:   Wang Yanbang  Resource:NortheasternUniversity    Update:  2017-09-25  

September 3rd to 10th, Vice President of Northeastern University Sun Lei visited Italy and France with the invitation of Italian University of Milan, France Institute of Higher Information Engineers and International Information Science School, and relevant directors of Graduate School of Northeastern University, Hunnan Campus Management Committee and Software College accompanied the visit.

At University of Milan, Su Lei made conversation with vice president of University of Milan, Monica Diluca, directors of Department of Computer Science and International Affairs Office. Two sides made deep discussion on exchange project and training program, and reached basic cooperation intention. After the meeting, the two sides signed a memorandum of understanding and agreement on exchange students and training project.

At France Institute of Higher Information Engineers, Sun Lei and the delegation made conversation with president of Institute of Higher Information Engineers, Joel Courtois, and relevant directors of International Affairs Office. The two sides made deep discussion on enhancing cooperation on improving quality of the cooperation projects, enhancing the number of students participating in the competition, expanding the coverage of the exchange program, and so on.

At France International Information Science School, Sun Lei discussed Double master degree program and joint school project with France counterpart. Besides, the two sides also made conversation on teacher exchange program, scientific research cooperation, joint laboratory and other aspects.

During the visit in France, Sun Lei also visited Northeastern University Alumni Association in France.