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Foreign Students from five Universities who won Chinese Government Scholarship took part in the "Experience China--Power of Industry" activities

Written by:Ding Ning    Edited by:   Wang Yanbang  Resource:ShenYangDaily    Update:  2017-06-25  

Recently, the "Experience China-Power of Industry" theme series activities sponsored by China Scholarship Council, co-hosted by Northeastern University, were held in Anshan, Liao Ning province. Near 100 foreign students from Northeastern University, Liaoning University of Technology, University of Science and Technology Liaoning, Shenyang University of Technology and Liaoning University of Engineering and Technology participated activities.

Foreign students visited the history museum, modern production workshop of Angang Group, and they made deep communication with workers of Angang Group. They also visited LED industrial park, laser industrial park and some other enterprises.

The "Experience China-Power of Industry" activities strengthened foreign students' understanding of China and promoted their enthusiasm for studying and working in China.