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Northeastern University research team developed a new type of ECG monitoring recorder

Written by:Zhang Guanghong    Edited by:   Wangyanbang  Resource:Northeastern University    Update:  2017-06-18  

Recently, a small, portable, lightweight new dynamic ECG monitoring equipment was successfully put in to use in China Medical University. It changed the situation that common ECG can only record simple observation of ECG in real and short-term, and it achieved the acquisition, storage, display, transmission and early warning of ECG data, and some other functions.

After years of research of Professor Zhang Shi and his team, who are from College of Computer Science and Engineering of Northeastern University, successfully developed a new portable dynamic twelve lead ECG monitoring recorder, which is a new method of monitoring through continuous monitoring of cardiac electrical activities. In clinical diagnosis, patients usually need to connect the traditional ECG monitoring equipment all day long, which is commonly known as "carrying a box", and the "box" is big, heavy and inconvenient to use. When using this new type of dynamic recorder, patients need only connect the lead wire and the body through a lead wire, and then they can put the recorder in the pocket or hang it on their waist. The new type of ECG monitoring recorder are only about 1/10 weigh of the traditional monitoring equipment currently used in hospital. The size of the new type of ECG monitoring recorder is just like a business card, which is easy to carry. According to R & D personnel, the new type of dynamic recorder has a variety of data transmission capabilities, and users can choose mobile network or WiFi, Bluetooth and any other means of communication to achieve long-distance data exchange.