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Nobel Prize winner of chemistry Roger David Kornberg made academic report in Northeastern University

Written by:Wang Yuhui    Edited by:   Wang Yanbang  Resource:FenghuangLiaoning    Update:  2016-12-23  

November 19th, Professor Roger David Kornberg, the Nobel Prize winner of chemistry made a report for the students and teachers of NEU in Hanqing Assembly Hall. Feng Shouquan, the Party Secretary of Heping District and vice mayor Jiang Jun and other municipal leaders, Zhaoji, President of NEU and leaders of relevant schools and departments attended this report.

Professor Roger David Kornberg made the report with the theme of "The End of Disease", focusing on embryonic stem cells and precise medical treatment. He analysed the molecular basis of eukaryotic transcription and emphasized the importance of basic research.Roger David Kornberg indicated that there were three great thoughts in bioscience field, namely "life is a combination of cells", "gene is a combination of genetic units", "biological evolution is carried out by natural selection". He encouraged young students present to overcome the difficulties with unremitting perseverance, and explore the vast and unknown fields of life sciences. He also interacted withstudents on the life sciences issues.