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Northeastern University students won the Grand Prize in the Metallurgical Youth Innovation and Creativity Competition

Written by:Li Binghua    Edited by:   Wang Yanbang  Resource:Northeastern University    Update:  2016-12-12  

Recently, the second Metallurgical Youth Innovation and Creativity Competition hosted by the China Metallurgical Society concluded at Northeastern University. The project "Pressure Induction Melting and Pressurized Electroslag Remelting Process for Preparing High Nitrogen Steel Technology", guided by associate Professor of School of Metallurgy Lihua Bing, and Professor Jiang Zhouhua, and with the joint effort of Feng Hao, Jiao Weichao, Yang Shouxing, Zhao Si and Chang Pengfei, successfully entered the final competition, and participated the Grand Prize presentation stage on behalf of Northeastern University. After intense competition, this project ranked first in the university group, and successfully won the National Grand Prize (only two in China). In addition, six works of Northeastern University won the national second prize, ten works won the national third prize.