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President Zhao Ji met with Goethe Institute Delegation

Written by:Wang Yuhui    Edited by:   Zhang Lei   Resource:NortheasternUniversity,NEU    Update:  2016-05-31  

Dean of GoetheInstitute China Dr. Clemens Treter, assistant dean Rafael Deschka, and principalof German Teaching Cooperation Office Li Jingmei visited NortheasternUniversity (NEU) on May. 19th. President Zhao Ji met with the guestsin Han Qing Assembly Hall, accompanied by staffs of Foreign Studies College andInternational Cooperation and Exchange Department. The two sides communicated deeplyabout promoting further cooperation between Northeastern University and GoetheInstitute.

In order to promotecultural exchanges between China and Germany, Goethe Institute and NortheasternUniversity signed cooperative agreement in 2013, then Goethe Language Center, NEU was founded.