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Northeastern University held the Opening ceremony of American Culture Week

Written by:Zhang Lei    Edited by:   Wang Yanbang  Resource:NortheasternUniversity    Update:  2016-05-23  

May 19th, the Opening ceremony of American Culture Week was held in the first floor of Hanqing Building. This is the fourth AmericanCulture Week hosted by NEU, and was held during May 19th to 22nd. The theme of this activity is Academic Writing, and many lectures and competitions would hold during this culture week. Scholars and students of Northeastern University and Appalachian State University would also take this activity as a opportunity, and further enhance exchange and cooperation.

Four scholars would make speeches in our university, namely Matthew B. Robinson, professor from Appalachian State University, Shao Xiaorong, the director of American Culture Center of Appalachian State University. The Cultural Consul of US Consulate in Shenyang, Alice Easter, leaders from International Cooperation and Exchange Department and Foreign Studies College, part of teachers,students and foreign student took part in the opening ceremonry.