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Northeastern University Held the Opening Ceremony of Polish Cultural Week

Written by:Yang Weiwei    Edited by:   Wang Yanbang  Resource:NortheasternUniversity    Update:  2016-05-31  

In the morning of May 4th, the opening ceremony of Polish Cultural Week, which was hosted by Northeastern University Polish Cultural Centre and International Cooperation and Exchange Department, and co-hosted by Foreign Studies College, was hold in the lobby of 10th floor of main building. Dean of Foreign Studies College, Zhao Wen, Party secretary of ForeignStudies College, Zhao Caiqing, experts and scholars of Northeastern University Poland Research Center and the University of Silesia in Poland and teachers and students from Foreign Studies College attended the opening ceremony.

Zhao Wen expressed in her speech that communication between Northeastern University and the University of Silesia in Poland continued to expand. From the opening of Polish courses in 2013 to the foundation of Poland Research Center, exchanges in various fields between Northeastern University and Poland have been deepening and developing. The Northeastern University Polish Cultural Centre built a new platform for the development and cultural exchanges between China and Poland. Since the foundation of the center, it is committed to continuously promote cross-cultural communication and academic exchange. The Polish Cultural Week once again strengthened the bilateral cooperation and friendship, and also further enhanced the Chinese students' understanding of Polish culture, and in the same time, it will encourage NEU to further open, thus strengthen bilateral cooperation, and contributes for friendship and win-win situation of both sides.