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Northeastern University Men’s Basketball Team Was Highly Appreciated

Written by:Zhang Zhan    Edited by:   Zhang Lei   Resource:NortheasternUniversity,NEU    Update:  2015-03-30  

“Want to play in CBA (China Basketball Association) ? Want to play thefinals? It may not be too late to work hard on your school works. In thejust-concluded CBA finals, Yang Ming, Li Xiaoxu, Guo Ailun, He Tianju, LiuZhixuan, Lian Ming from Team Liaoning, as well as Ji Zhe from Team Beijing, areall graduated from Northeastern University (NEU). There are 14 CBA players usedto play basketball and study in NEU. Therefore, no matter what your future planis, studying hard should be the correct path.” Said sports column of CCTV(ChinaCentral Tele Vision) 5 in the evening of Mar. 24th, when summing up CBAmatches this year.

Xinhuanet also sent journalists to NEU for the “Final Miracle”. Accordingto their report, NEU is the veteran team since CUBS (China UniversityBasketball Super League) found in 2004. With the close cooperation withLiaoning Provincial Sports Bureau, NEU keeps looking for the optimal Chinesesports talent cultivation models.