A NEU Student Won the Honor of the “Star of Self-improvement”

作者: 编辑:Lei Chang, Yuhui Wang来源:NEU更新日期:2022-11-07浏览次数:11

Recently, Zhang Jian, an undergraduate of 2022 from the Foreign Studies College of NEU, won the honor of the Star of Self-improvement of 2021. The activity was sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the All-China Students' Federation.

Zhang Jian is the winner of the 17th Star of Self-improvement Model of NEU. Although he came from an economically disadvantaged family, Zhang Jian devoted himself to the practice of scientific and technological innovation and strived to become stronger and independent during his college years. Having made outstanding achievements, he has been recommended to the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences without sitting an entrance examination for further cross-disciplinary study.

The“ Star of Self-improvement”selection activity aims to set an example of good conduct, perseverance and self-improvement among college students. NEU has held this activity for 17 consecutive sessions, and recommended excellent examples to participate in the national selection of the Star of Self-improvement”. So far, a number of inspirational growth models from NEU have won national commendation.

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