A Project of NEU Approved for the First Time as a Special Patent Research Project of CNIPA

作者: 编辑:Lei Chang, Yuhui Wang来源:NEU更新日期:2022-05-20浏览次数:11

Recently, the list of the special patent research projects of CNIPA in 2022 was released. The special patent research project of High-end CNC Machine Tool Patent Analysis and Research jointly declared by NEU and China (Shenyang) Intellectual Property Protection Center was approved. The project is led by the National Intellectual Property Information Service Center, the Library, and the Sci-tech Department of NEU, and jointly undertaken by NEU and China (Shenyang) Intellectual Property Protection Center. The approval of this project has made NEU achieve a breakthrough of zero in the number of special patent research projects of CNIPA.

With the theme of high-quality development and the principal line of greatly improving the quality of intellectual property, the special patent research projects of CNIPA focus on the major theoretical and practical issues, hot and difficult issues and key national core technologies needing to be solved in patent development, striving to develop a batch of high-value research results. The approved project of NEU, centering on the bottleneck problem of high-end CNC machine tools in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing, will play an important supporting role in the technology R&D and industrial development in related fields. This project belongs to the category of key core technology patent analysis projects, and a total of 203 projects applied for this category. After preliminary, blind and project approval evaluation, 30 of them were selected to the stage of defense, and 15 were finally approved, with the project approval rate of only 7%.

In recent years, NEU has achieved fruitful results in intellectual property operation, management and service. Giving full play to the effectiveness of intellectual property services, NEU has been approved to be a National Intellectual Property Information Service Center at Universities and one of the first Patent Navigation Service Bases of Liaoning Province. NEU’s Intellectual property operation and management experience was selected as the typical experience cases of the Ministry of Education and the first typical cases of Liaoning Province for the provincial construction with strong intellectual property. In the future, NEU will continue to carry out diversified intellectual property operations and services for the innovative development of national strategic emerging industries, first-class university construction and local economic construction.

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