Students of the NEU at Qinhuangdao achieved satisfactory results again in the North East Asia Debate Championship

作者: 编辑:Lei Chang, Yuhui Wang来源:NEU更新日期:2022-03-07浏览次数:10

Lately, the 2021 North East Asia Debate Championship (NEADC) was held online, and the students of the NEU at Qinhuangdao were granted the Outstanding Achievement Award.

This contest was held by the University of Tokyo, Japan. 112 teams from more than 10 countries and regions, including China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Australia, took part in this contest. The debates covered multiple international hot topics concerning politics, economy, philosophy and sociology. NEUQ, the debate team of the NEU at Qinhuangdao made up of the students Chen Jiayi and Yang Weiwei, smoothly entered the knockout stage with outstanding result. After their fierce competitions in the quarter-final and semifinal, they finally won the fourth place, entered the final for teams whose mother tongue is not English and got the outstanding achievement award.

It is known that NEADC is a grand English debate contest for college students in North East Asia, with a view to promote college students’ English learning and exchange in North East Asia, enhance communications and dialogues between students from different countries and regions, and make the students more concerned about international affairs through English debates.

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