NEU Professor Wang Cong’s Team Won the Third Prize in the Second Contest of Promoting BRICS Cooperation in Industrial Innovation

作者: 编辑:Lei Chang, Yuhui Wang来源:NEU更新日期:2021-09-28浏览次数:10

During September 6-7, the final of the 2021 Contest of Promoting BRICS Cooperation in Industrial Innovation was held in Xiamen. Themed “Innovative Development & Common Future”, the event showcased the innovation achievements in cutting-edge technologies and applications of the new Industrial revolution by focusing on such fields as the Industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing, green cycle and low carbon.

The project of “Key Technology of High-heat Input Submerged-arc Welding Agent Preparation” by Professor Wang Cong's team from NEU’s School of Metallurgy won the third prize for the “Green Cycle” track in the competition. Professor Wang Cong’s team combined traditional metallurgy technology with the concept of green environmental protection, insisted on combining laboratory theoretical research and practical production, and kept friendly cooperation, exchange and mutual learning with the BRICS, thus laying a solid foundation for subsequent innovative academic exchanges and technology transformation.

The competition focused on digitalization, networking, intelligence and greening, with three tracks of “Industrial Internet”, “Intelligent Manufacturing” and “Green Cycle”. After two months of solicitation, 1,199 projects from key industries of the BRICS and the BRICS + were attracted to the competition, including 402 projects in the “Industrial Internet” track, 461 in the “Intelligent Manufacturing” track, and 336 in the “Green Cycle” track. A total of 88 projects were selected for the finals, covering such fields as 5G, digital twin and artificial intelligence. After fierce competition, only 19 projects stood out, which fully demonstrated the cutting-edge technologies and the latest application achievements in the field of the new Industrial revolution. In the competition, 1 first prize, 2 second prizes and 3 third prizes were set for the “Green Cycle” track. Professor Wang Cong’s team ranked fourth by total points among the 336 works in this track and won the third prize.

Zhu Ke’er, deputy director of International Cooperation Department of MIIT, expressed the hope that the competition could select excellent projects representing the latest development achievements of the BRICS in the field of new industrial revolution, push the BRICS to pragmatically carry out cooperation in industrial innovation, promote the BRICS’ exchanges of innovative talents, and lay a foundation for technology incubation and project implementation.

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