NEU Carried out NAT for Teachers and Students

作者: 编辑:Lei Chang, Yuhui Wang来源:NEU更新日期:2021-05-31浏览次数:10

Recently, NEU organized nucleic acid testing (NAT) for the teachers and students from its Nanhu Campus. A total of 22,036 teachers and students received the testing. NEU leaders went to the site to get the testing and condoled with the volunteers and the staff.

A total of 20 testing desks were set up, and the medical workers of NEU were responsible for 13 of them. There were also 20 information entry desks. The Organization Department of NEU selected 45 volunteers from the Party committees of different departments as a Party member pioneer team to assist in the NAT work. They carefully checked the identity information of the teachers and students, and quickly imput the information. The testing site is in the Badminton & Table Tennis Gym, Nanhu Campus of NEU.

All teachers and students participated in the NAT (throat swab). To avoid gathering, the NAT participants were required to arrive at the testing site in batches orderly. Information entry and NAT were carried out in turn. Large spacing and good ventilation were maintained to ensure safe and smooth testing.

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