Two Teachers of NEU Won the First Prize in the First Liaoning Provincial Teaching Competition for University Teachers

作者: 编辑:Lei Chang, Yuhui Wang来源:NEU更新日期:2021-05-26浏览次数:10

On May 10, the final of the First Liaoning Provincial Teaching Competition for University Teachers organized by the Educational Department of Liaoning Province was held in Shenyang common universities and colleges. Chen Meng, a teacher from the College of Resources and Civil Engineering, and Li Yang, a teacher from the Foreign Studies College of NEU, took part in the competition on behalf of NEU and respectively won the first prize in the science group and in the liberal arts group.

The teaching performance of these two teachers has been highly recognized and widely praised, which fully demonstrates the fruitful achievements that NEU has made in continuously improving the teaching ability of teachers by taking root in undergraduate teaching over years. NEU has been attaching great importance to enhancing undergraduate teachers’ teaching ability and level. Aiming at promoting faculty building with competitions, we organize teaching competitions to stimulate the enthusiasm and determination of teachers to devote themselves to teaching reform and teaching ability improving. We strengthen teachers’ comprehensive ability in teaching organization and implementation, teaching research and reform, and in-depth integration of information technology and teaching, to raise the ability and level of all teachers in educating talents for the Party and the country.

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