NEU Held the COVID-19 Vaccination Promotion Meeting

作者: 编辑:Lei Chang, Yuhui Wang来源:NEU更新日期:2021-04-23浏览次数:10

On April 16, NEU held the COVID-19 vaccination promotion meeting to remobilize and redeploy the vaccination work. Zhang Guochen, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of NEU, the leading group for epidemic prevention and control, and the leaders of relevant functional departments and colleges (schools) attended the meeting.

At the meeting, relevant spirit of the Ministry of Education and Liaoning Province about the active cooperation of colleges and universities in local vaccination work was conveyed, and current vaccination situation of NEU was reported. Since the COVID-19 vaccination work was launched, NEU has gone all out to organize vaccination for all teachers and students in accordance with the principle of “everyone should be vaccinated if applicable”. With the active efforts made by the health care and disease control departments of Heping District and Hunnan District, the vaccination method has changed. Starting from March 15, NEU organized teachers and students to the designated community health center for vaccination, and starting from March 23, teachers and students received vaccination at NEU. Up to now, a total of 10,004 teachers and students in the two campuses of NEU have received vaccination.

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