Students of NEU at Qinhuangdao Won the Grand Award in the 8th “Netinnet Cup” National Financial Decision-making Competition for College Students

作者: 编辑:Lei Chang, Yuhui Wang来源:NEU更新日期:2020-12-14浏览次数:10

On November 28, the final of the 8th “Netinnet Cup” National Financial Decision-making Competition for College Students came to an end. The team composed of students Sun Yujie, Li Zhenxing, Wang Zihan and Ren Yu from NEU at Qinhuangdao won the national grand award (only 3 in the whole country).

The competition was directed by the Higher Financial & Economic Education Branch of China Association of Higher Education and sponsored by China Commercial Accounting Institute. Nearly 10,000 students from more than 300 universities in China, including Jilin University, China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) and Nanjing Audit University, participated in the competition. The competition included two parts: national preliminary and national final, and the preliminary was divided into six competition regions. The team of NEU at Qinhuangdao successfully entered the national final with the result in the first place in the north region. The final adopted the online competition mode for the first time. The competitors were required to complete business operation, accounting treatment, electronic tax declaration, tax inspection and other related activities for 3 months within 6 hours, which posed a high challenge to their financial decision-making ability, risk control ability, tax planning ability and teamwork ability. In the competition, the students from NEU at Qinhuangdao successfully and efficiently completed all kinds of work by comprehensively applying the knowledge of financial accounting, financial management, tax planning and marketing, demonstrating their solid professional skills and excellent teamwork ability. This is the second time that NEU at Qinhuangdao has won such an honor since 2015.

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