Students of NEU Won the Championship in the 4th China College Students’ Innovative Method Application Competition

作者: 编辑:Lei Chang, Yuhui Wang来源:NEU更新日期:2020-10-29浏览次数:10

On October 22, the final results of the 4th China College Students’ Innovative Method Application Competition were announced. NEU teachers and students won three special prizes, two first prizes, one second prize, and one third prize. Among them, the entry A New Preparation Method for Foamed Aluminum Based on the TRIZ Theory jointly completed by students Shi Mai, Yang Yue, Zhang Hongxu, Yu Yang and Zhu Ruifeng under the guidance of teacher Cao Zhuokun from the School of Metallurgy won the national champion; The work Short Process Manufacturing Technique of Aluminum Alloy Based on the Innovation Theory jointly completed by students Yu Wei, Zhang Jiawen, Zhang Rui and Zhao Chunyao under the guidance of teacher Zhu Cuilan from the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and teacher Li Yong from the State Key Laboratory of RAL won the national third place; the project Cultivation Model of College Students' Innovation Ability Based on the Promotion and Application of TRIZ completed by teacher Zhu Cuilan from the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship won the national first prize for the teachers' group.

The finals adopted the way of online review. There were four technique review groups, two non-technique review groups, and one teacher review group, with five experts in each review group. All participating teachers and students competed by the means of online reporting and road shows. After review, the 13 student teams winning the special prizes entered the final competition for the champion, the runner-up and the third place. Seven experts formed a panel of judges to score on the spot, and the competition was broadcast on the Internet. At last, 13 special prizes, 38 first prizes, 81 second prizes and 54 third prizes for the students’ group as well as seven first prizes and 11 second prizes for the teachers’ group were named. In total, six student works and one teacher work of NEU entered the finals, with three finalists in the grand prize competition, ranking the national champion, the national third place and the national ninth place respectively. NEU ranked first among colleges and universities in China for the number of finalist works.

The China College Students’ Innovative Method Application Competition, organized by the Innovative Methods Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, aims to “promote learning, teaching and innovating through competitions”, explores the new modes of curriculum teaching, and builds a new platform for school-enterprise cooperation. The competition emphasizes that the entries should be based on the actual technology and engineering problems of enterprises and the problems should be solved with innovative methods. At present, it has been held for three sessions, with a large number of excellent award-winning projects that fit the actual production demands emerging. The competition this year was presented by Shandong University, with more than 1,200 teams from more than 300 colleges and universities in China signing up for the competition. Through online application, regional competition review, national competition and online review, 200 student teams and 35 teacher teams qualified for the final.

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