Daneng Visited NEU for Cooperation

作者:编辑:Lei Chang, Yuhui Wang来源:新闻网更新日期:2020-09-21浏览次数:10

On the afternoon of July 28, Gao Yi, Chairman of Liaoning Daneng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., visited NEU for cooperation. Sun Lei, Vice-president of NEU, met with Gao Yi and his entourages in Room 1401 of the main building. Relevant leaders and teacher representatives of the Sci-tech Department, External Liaison and Cooperation Department, and College of Information Science and Engineering of NEU attended the meeting.

Gao Yi first introduced the basic situation, relevant technologies and products, and the future development plan of Daneng. Gao Yi said that Daneng is vigorously implementing the overall construction of one network, two institutes. In view of the generality and key technology problems in the Internet of Energy industry, Daneng will develop and launch high-tech products and cutting-edge technologies with high value-added efficiency, and give priority to the construction and development of Liaoning Photoelectric Measurement and Control Engineering Technology Research Center and Shenyang Electric Power Safety Technology Research Institute. Daneng hopes to further carry out in-depth university-enterprise cooperation with NEU in the aspects of transformation of scientific and technological achievements, cooperative development, and talent introduction and cultivation, Gao Yi added.

On behalf of NEU, Sun Lei extended a warm welcome to Gao Yi and his entourages. Sun Lei said that NEU has always been aiming at the major strategic needs of the country and the main battlefield of the national economy, and giving full play to its advantages in industry-university-research cooperation as well as science and technology, and it has made innovative breakthroughs in a number of key technologies. It is hoped that the two parties would strengthen coordination and cooperation in relevant fields, sign a strategic cooperation agreement at an appropriate time and further implement and detail various cooperation measures, Su Lei added.

At the meeting, both parties had in-depth exchanges. In the future, relying on the academic advantages of NEU and based on the actual needs and development direction of Daneng, the two parties will carry out project docking and comprehensive cooperation in such aspects as achievement transformation, scientific problem tackling, talent introduction and cultivation, and scholarship establishment.

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