NEU Approved as a High-value Patent Cultivation Center of Liaoning

作者: 编辑:Lei Chang, Yuhui Wang来源:NEU更新日期:2020-08-04浏览次数:11

Recently, NEU has been approved as one of the first high-value patent cultivation centers of Liaoning Province upon its application, the recommendation of Shenyang Intellectual Property Office and the examination of Liaoning Intellectual Property Office.  The construction of high-value patent cultivation centers of Liaoning Province will further give play to the privileged position of universities in the market-oriented innovation chain. The construction will center on high-end manufacturing, strategic emerging industries and characteristic  advantaged industries to deepen the production-university-research cooperative innovation, integrate all kinds of innovation resources, break through key core technologies, foster a number of domestic high-value patents that are competitive and forward-looking and can lead the industry development, promote transformation and upgrading of industries, and boost the economic and social development of Liaoning Province and Shenyang City, and serve the development of “world-class universities and world-class disciplines”.

Adhering to the scientific research concept of “systematic planning, fine management, project control, efficiency and innovation”, NEU has been carrying forward the strategy of strengthening itself with patents, promoting the intellectual property quality improvement project, intensifying the intellectual property operation system and the reform of the right to use, dispose of and benefit from scientific and technological achievements, continuously optimizing the “internal transformation” and “external transformation” mechanisms with intellectual property right operation as the key. Taking the opportunity of being approved as one of the first bases for scientific and technological achievement transformation and technology transfer under the Ministry of Education, NEU has established a smooth working mechanism of industry-university-research cooperation. Its application of intellectual property rights and transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements have produced remarkable economic and social benefits.

NEU has set up special funds for key areas of national strategic needs and strategic emerging industries and deployed major basic core patents and software copyrights around its distinctive and advantageous disciplines to encourage high-value patent inventors to apply for invention patents abroad. In the past three years, NEU has applied for 301 international patents and has been granted 32. In 2019, NEU’s PCT application ranked among the top 50 educational institutions in the world. Based on high-value intellectual property rights in mining and metallurgy, new materials, artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing, NEU has been developed a number of new-type R&D institutions to cater to different regions, professions and industries. It has realized transformation of 165 high-value intellectual property rights and combinations, with the contract amount reaching 395 million yuan and the average value of individual intellectual property right implementation of about 2,395,800 yuan.

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