Hisense Visited NEU for Cooperation

作者: 编辑:Lei Chang, Yuhui Wang来源:NEU更新日期:2020-07-30浏览次数:12

Chen Chengming, Deputy General Auditor and General Manager of the Audit Department of Hisense Group came to NEU to discuss cooperation recently. Sun Lei, Vice-president of NEU, met with the visitors and held the university-enterprise cooperation exchange meeting in Room 410 of the main building. Relevant leaders of the Communist Youth League Committee, Academic Affairs Department, Sci-tech Department, External Liaison and Cooperation Department, Student Guidance and Service Center, and School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of NEU attended the meeting.

On behalf of NEU, Sun Lei welcomed the delegation of Hisense and expressed thanks to Hisense for its long-term care and support in talent cultivation and other aspects of NEU. “We will give full play to our advantages in talents, disciplines and science and technology to facilitate Hisense's innovative development, and I hope both parties will jointly open up a new situation of university-enterprise cooperation,” Sun Lei said.

Chen Chengming briefly introduced Hisense's development status and future planning. “NEU is an important partner of Hisense, as well as a significant base for scientific research and talent introduction. I hope both parties will further deepen cooperation in talent cultivation, technological innovation, student activities and other fields in the future to achieve win-win development,” he said.  

At the meeting, both parties had in-depth exchange of views on the needs of university-enterprise cooperation based on their own work and reached a consensus. In the future, full play will be given to the advantages of NEU in disciplines and key projects according to the technical advantages and development direction of Hisense. Both parties will have communication and discussions on university-enterprise cooperation modes in joint cultivation of talents, technology R&D, scholarship funding, linkage of innovation and entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, digital city construction and many other projects and accelerate the cooperation process.

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