NEU Held the Graduation Ceremony & Degree Awarding Ceremony for the Graduates of 2020


On the morning of June 23, NEU held the Graduation Ceremony & Degree Awarding Ceremony for the Graduates of 2020, which was broadcast live to all the teachers, students and alumni at home and abroad. NEU leaders including Xiong Xiaomei, Zhao Ji, Yang Ming, Zhang Guochen, Sun Lei, Wang Jianhua, Tang Lixin, and Feng Xiating were present at the ceremony. A total of 4,886 graduates attended the graduation ceremony at the main venue of Nanhu Campus or online to witness the unforgettable moment. The graduation ceremony was presided over by Vice-president Wang Jianhua.

The graduation ceremony began with the solemn national anthem of China.

Wang Hanle, a student majoring in Material Forming and Control Engineering from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, made a speech at the ceremony on behalf of the graduates. In the past four years, NEU’s culture of “practical, patriotic, innovative, and excellent” has been driving the students to work hard, and the mission of taking responsibility for the country and being a pioneer has been guiding the students to move forward with determination, Wang Hanle said. The students have witnessed the rapid development of the Alma Mater, and the Alma Mater has witnessed the growth of these young students. Although it is a special graduation season, all the students will look for opportunities in the crisis and strive to explore a bright future, Wang Hanle added.

Professor Feng Jian from the College of Information Science and Engineering congratulated the graduates on their successful completion of university studies and offered his wishes and instructions to the students who are going on a long journey. Feng Jian told the students to be kind to family members, be tolerant of their colleagues and competition, and become a scientific and technological elite able to live a happy life and a powerhouse in life with humanistic feelings; shoulder responsibilities and always be in awe of nature, life, ancestors, law and morality; adhere to their faith, dreams and ideals, pursue excellence, and stay true to the original aspiration. “Teachers are always the watchmen of students, the spirit of NEU is always the motivation for students to struggle in life, and the campus is always a warm harbor for students. I hope all students can brave the wind and waves with sincerity and ambition,” Feng Jian said.

President Zhao Ji delivered a speech themed “Recognize Change and Innovate to Respond to the Needs of the Times” at the ceremony. Zhao Ji pointed out that the students have been following the motto of NEU that “Striving constantly for improvement, behaving in conformity with truth”; have been studying hard online and offline in the face of the challenges of learning practice, innovation and development, and cloud job hunting; have showed great love at the critical moment in the fight against the epidemic; and have formed together with millions of NEU people at home and abroad a powerful force of loving the country, the hometown and the university. He also expressed the hope that the students can face the difficulties fearlessly, adhere to the quality of “practical, patriotic, innovative, and  excellent”, and strengthen confidence in perseverance; catch the opportunities in reform, accurately recognize and scientifically respond to changes, improve systematically and comprehensively in the aspects of theory, thought, methods and practice with perseverance and the attitude of racing against time, grasp the development opportunity in the objective law of change, and write life calmly and persistently; insist on innovation and lifelong learning in the face of the future, explore new problems with extraordinary courage, embrace new technology with persistence, and create new opportunities for development in innovation and exploration. “I believe you will be more independent, have stronger learning ability, adaptability and development ability, and cherish nature, life, freedom and family more after undergoing all kinds of tests. With such profound understanding, you will eventually see a bright future,” Zhao Ji added. He then wished all graduates of 2020 a beautiful youth and a happy life.

NEU leaders and teacher representatives presented degree certificates to the graduate representatives.

The Graduation Ceremony & Degree Awarding Ceremony for the Graduates of 2020 came to a successful end with the solemn anthem of NEU.

The graduation ceremony was broadcast live to the teachers, students and alumni of NEU through the platforms of Weiyan Education, microblog of NEU, Yangshipin, Douyin, and Kuaishou, with over one million views.

NEU also prepared the “Exclusive Vouchers” for all graduates of 2020. Students are welcome to return to the Alma Mater after the outbreak of COVID-19 is over, taking graduation photos with their academic gowns, meeting again in beautiful northeast China, and recalling the happy past and friendship.

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