The 97th Cloud Anniversary Held in Northeastern University

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Meeting at White mountain and Black water to celebrate the 97th anniversary. Apr. 26 was the 97th birthday of Northeastern University. The alumni at home and abroad, faculty and students met online to celebrate the 97th anniversary of Northeastern University through live network. Affected by the epidemic, the celebration of the anniversary this year was held in the way of “cloud celebration”. The celebration included campus tour, leaders’ speeches and alumni’s blessings. The alumni of Northeastern University around the world went online on time, viewed and admired Northeastern University together online and sent birthday wishes to their alma mater.

On behalf of Northeastern University, the Secretary of the Party Committee of Northeastern University Xiong Xiaomei and the President of Northeastern University Zhao Ji extended sincere greetings and thanks to all the teachers and students, alumni at home and abroad and friends from all walks of life who cared about and supported the development of the University on video.

In the speech, Xiong Xiaomei said, “From Behaving in Conformity with Truth to Striving Constantly for Improvement and from Loving and Serving the Motherland to Innovating and Pursuing Excellence, generations of people of Northeastern University have bravely undertaken the mission, forged ahead and continued to promote the construction of Northeastern University to be a world first-class university in the same frequency resonance with national prosperity and national rejuvenation. The people of Northeastern University all over the world today are building a shared innovation ecosystem, an entrepreneurial circle of friends and a development community. The people of Northeastern University are closely linked by common ideals and feelings. In this era of struggle, the future journey is full of frustrations and challenges, but as long as we work together, we will surely be able to make Northeastern University one of the world’s top universities and write a more brilliant chapter for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”

In the speech, Zhao Ji said, “The spirit of university motto Striving Constantly for Improvement and Behaving in Conformity with Truth forged the indomitable ethos and character of Northeastern University in the past, and the exploration spirit of Seeking Truth and Innovation and Daring to Be the First will support Northeastern University’s constant feelings of serving the motherland in the future. Facing the call of national and regional development and the glorious future of the centennial Northeastern University, taking Xi Jinping’s new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as its guideline and adhering to the philosophy of ‘attaching importance to academic foundation, discipline development, personnel training, characteristic construction and running the university according to law’, Northeastern University will adhere to the innovative, characteristic and open development path and strive to cultivate top talents with innovative spirit in the new era to contribute to national strategy and regional development. Let’s join hands and work together on the journey of building Northeastern University into a world first-class university!”

We meet online and admire the beautiful scenery of Northeastern University. On this day every year, many alumni, teachers and students meet at the campus of Northeastern University to enjoy the spring scenery of South Lake, recall the good Hunnan times and share their love for Northeastern University. In the activity of Admiring Northeastern University Online, people visited the campus and enjoyed themselves in the good time on the network platforms like, CCTV.Video, Official Micro-blog of Northeastern University, and bilibili. As of the time of publication, the video on the network platforms had been played nearly 2 million times in total.

On the occasion of the 97th birthday of the founding of Northeastern University, the Alumni Association of Northeastern University invited alumni all over the world to present their wishes on their alma mater’s 97th birthday in the form of video. The alumni from Beijing Alumni Association, Shanghai Alumni Association, Guangdong Alumni Association, Zhejiang Alumni Association, Hubei Alumni Association, Hainan Alumni Association, Canada Vancouver Alumni Association, Singapore Alumni Association and other alumni associations at home and abroad sent blessings to their alma mater. The blessings from the alumni of Northeastern University all over the world showed their deep love for their alma mater. Northeastern University, happy birthday!

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