Northeastern University held online seminar of teaching experience exchange and discussion for graduate students

作者:编辑:Lei Chang来源:新闻网更新日期:2020-04-13浏览次数:11

On April 2, the seminar on experience exchange and arrangement of online teaching of graduate education in Northeastern University was held online. President Zhao Ji, Vice-President Wang Jianhua, heads of the teaching management department of the graduate school and the graduate training units and relevant staff attended the meeting.  

Zhao ji, on behalf of the school, gave full recognition to the online teaching carefully organized by various departments and the earnest online teaching carried out by all teachers. Zhao Ji said that university education is an open, inquiry, cooperative and diversified system, and classroom teaching is only one of the means used in the history of human education. Autonomous learning, inquiry learning and lifelong learning should run through the whole process of university education. It is hoped that teachers will take this opportunity to continue to deepen the re-understanding, re-thinking and re-adjustment of the relationship between teaching and learning, and make active exploration and efforts for the establishment of a truly student-centered teaching model.  

The person in charge of the graduate school introduced the online teaching and quality supervision of graduate students and other work. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the graduate school has adopted multi-mixed online teaching to ensure the normal development of online teaching. The supervision group knows well of the online teaching and students' online learning, summarizes the problems in the form of weekly reports, and gives timely feedback to the teachers according to the principle of "improving in doing", which promotes the spiral improvement of online teaching.

People in charge of teaching from the school of humanities and law, the school of foreign languages and the school of information science and engineering shared their ideas, practices and inspirations of online teaching. Teachers representatives shared their online teaching practices and experience. Students representatives shared their experiences and gains from online learning.

Wang Jianhua highly affirmed that all schools and relevant departments, teachers and students have overcome difficulties, had the courage to take on responsibilities and taken the initiative to do a good job in online teaching during epidemic prevention and control, so as to ensure the smooth realization of "delaying the beginning of school without delaying the beginning of class" and achieve good teaching effects. In the future, we should pay close attention to the trend of the global epidemic and continue to perform well in organizing the online teaching of graduate students.  

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