Northeastern University has added four undergraduate majors

作者:WangYuhui编辑:WangYuhui Yangming来源:NorthEasternUniversity更新日期:2020-03-13浏览次数:215

According to the notification issued by the Ministry of Education recently, the four undergraduate majors, industrial intelligence, chemistry, land resource management and intelligent manufacturing engineering, that Northeastern University applied to add have all been approved and registered by the Ministry of Education. So far, the number of undergraduate majors in our school has increased to 76.

It is reported that this professional adjustment sticks to national and regional needs for economic and social development, and takes the initiative to adapt to a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution. It is guided by the new engineering professional construction, and based on the school development orientation. The adjustment aims at deepening professional comprehensive reform, optimizing the professional structure, and improving the quality of talent cultivating to strengthen the cross-disciplinary integration, starting from these new majors.

Among these newly added majors, industrial intelligence major, as an emerging undergraduate major deeply integrated with artificial intelligence and industrial automation, has been listed in the catalogue of undergraduate majors of the Ministry of Education for the first time. Our school has become the first university in China to set up industrial intelligence as an undergraduate major. The land resource management major has distinct characteristics of interdisciplinary disciplines. The intelligent manufacturing engineering major integrates the traditional and superior professional resources to realize the re-starting of the new engineering major. The establishment of chemistry major fully reflects the determination of science development of our school. The successful approval of the four new undergraduate majors marks that the construction of undergraduate majors in our university has broken the routine, realized the development of traditional characteristics, individual breakthroughs, transformation and upgrading, and comprehensively entered a new period of interdisciplinary and integrated development.

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