Professor Wang Cong's team's paper selected into Metallurgical and Materials Transactions’ Highly Cited Articles from the Last 20 Years

作者:WangYuhui编辑:WangYuhui Zhaochunshi来源:NorthEasternUniversity更新日期:2020-01-08浏览次数:132

Recently, the paper published by Professor Wang Cong's team from the School of Metallurgy of our university on Metallurgical and Materials Transactions was selected into the journal's Highly Cited Articles from the Last 20 Years. The paper titled An Integrated Study on the Evolution of Inclusions in EH36 Shipbuilding Steel with Mg Addition: From Casting to Welding was published in April 2018.

Altogether, there were 9 papers selected this time. The research scope covers the fields of steel inclusions, metallurgical melt models, additive manufacturing, medical metal materials, high-entropy alloys, magnesium alloys, aluminum-lithium alloys, etc. The research team comes from General Electric Company, Alcoa Technology Center, Aachen University of Technology, Tohoku University, University of Sheffield, University of Montreal, Monash University and other world-renowned universities and research institutions. Professor Wang Cong's group is the only research team from mainland China.

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