Northeastern University Carries out Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation with SMS Siemag

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The signing ceremony of the comprehensive strategic cooperation between Northeastern University and SMS Siemag (China) was held in Hunnan campus of Northeastern University on December 11. Christoph Stappenbeck, vice president of China electrical automation department of SMS Siemag, Zhu Tong, general manager of steelmaking and concast and environmental protection technology department, Wang Xiaohua, vice general manager, Xu Feng, vice principal of Northeastern University, directors of external liaison and cooperation department, and representatives of teachers and students of the school of robotics science and engineering attended the signing ceremony.

Wu Chengdong, executive vice president of the school of robotics, introduced the essentials of SMS Siemag and the cooperation of both sides, and expressed sincere gratitude to the company for donating 500,000 yuan of scholarship and teaching fund as well as automation system equipment to the school of robotics. He also conveyed his hope that the two sides will conduct all-round and multi-level cooperation in such areas like strategic synergy, industry-university-research and application, innovation and entrepreneurship, and sharing and co-building of high-level personnel, so as to effectively integrate scientific and technological innovation with social services.

Christoph Stappenbeck acclaimed Northeastern University and the school of robotics for the profound cultural background, cutting-edge disciplinary advantages, strong faculty and abundant scientific research achievements, and expressed the willingness to cooperate with Northeastern University and the school of robotics. Christoph Stappenbeck said that the advantageous science group of many areas, like robotics and artificial intelligence, of Northeastern University meshes well with the leading industries and emerging industries of SMS Siemag. The two sides should strengthen the top-level design, build new cooperation mechanism scientifically, speed up the implementation of various cooperation projects, and finally achieve the win-win cooperation.

At the signing ceremony, Xu Feng and Christoph Stappenbeck signed on behalf of their sides respectively. Xu feng presented the donation certificate to SMS Siemag, wishing the two sides have wider cooperation areas, more opportunities and higher levels in the future.

After the signing ceremony, representatives of the university and the enterprise visited the laboratory of the school of robotics and interacted and communicated with teachers and students. Everyone gave full recognition to the advanced school-enterprise cooperation mode, abundant scientific research achievements and strong faculty of Northeastern University and school of robotics, and expressed appreciation to the talent training system with the core of quality and the feature of practice of the school of robotics.

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