Sun Lei led a delegation to visit the United Kingdom, Belarus, Germany.

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From October 17th to 26th, Vice President Sun Lei was invited to lead a delegation to the Loughborough University, the Belarusian National Technical University, the German Dunal Education Center and Technical University of Dortmund.

During the visit to Loughborough University in the UK, the delegation met  with  the Vice President of Loughborough University, Chris Linton. After the meeting, the delegation discussed with the School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering and the School of Computer Science of Loughborough University. The two universities will carry out the 3+1 undergraduate joint training program in the mechanical discipline, and are intend to expand the cooperation between the School of Computer Science of Loughborough University and the School of Software of Northeastern University to other disciplines such as information, machinery and robotics. The delegation also had a discussion with the student representatives of our school who study at Loughborough University. They exchanged views on the students’ study and life in the UK. Sun Lei said that more support would be provided for the students from the policy aspect.

During the visit to the Belarusian National Technical University, the delegation met with the principal of the school, Kharytonchyk S.V. The two sides looked the achievements of the two universities in co-founding the Confucius Institute for Science and Technology in the past five years, and said that they would further strengthen the developement of the Confucius Institute on this basis and deepen the teaching and scientific research cooperation between the two universities. The two sides plan to hold the 2019 annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the Confucius Institute for   Science and Technology at the end of this year to further study the cooperation between the two sides. They also plan to invite President Kharytonchyk S.V. to give a lecture on the topic of machinery in our school. After the meeting, the delegation attended the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the Confucius Institute for Science and Technology.

During the visit to the German Dunal Education Center, the delegation met with Mathias Pajunk, Vice President of the Center, and David Fais, Vocational Education Officer of the Waiblingen Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Zhou Dongyuan, President of the German FUKAN Consulting Company. During the meeting, the Chinese and German sides respectively introduced the school profile, especially the development in the field of continuing education, and held a detailed discussion on the joint training program of “2+1” continuing education and reached a consensus on cooperation.

During the visit to Technical University of Dortmund, the delegation met with the former Vice-Chairman of International Affairs of the University, Head of Power Operations Laboratory, Professor Sebastian Engell,  and the principle managers from the School of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Robotics Institute, Forming Technology and  the Lightweight Component Institute and visited some relevant laboratories. The two sides agreed to start the work of masters exchanging in the four fields of robotics, automation, materials processing, and mechanical electronics under the framework of the cooperation agreement between the two universities and the student exchange agreement. They will formally exchange students in September next year and will start the specific discussion work of the joint training project of graduate students as soon as possible. The two sides will also carry out the program of  teacher exchanging in five fields: robotics, automation, material processing, mechatronics and chemistry.

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